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Pareto Digital

Growth Hacking + Conversion Optimisation

We increase your traffic and convert more customers. It’s all we do – and we’re pretty good at it.

How does it work?

1. Build Foundations

The world today is fuelled by data. This is why we always start by looking at your analytics, making sure that everything’s in good health. We also take the time to analyse existing data to create hypotheses, and establish a baseline for any future work.

2. Increase Traffic

We’ll select one or more channels to drive relevant traffic to your website. We’re uniquely channel-agnostic, which means that we don’t have a preference on which channel to use. All we care about is putting the right pieces together to create growth.

3. Conversion Optimisation

As your traffic increases, we’ll be combing through the data to find out what works, what doesn’t, and what could be improved. This is then distilled into a series of hypotheses and A/B tests to maximise the conversion of your visitors into customers.

Behind Pareto Digital is Chris Lim, a digital strategist from Sydney.

Over the years, Chris has worked with clients in over 15 verticals, including global brands such as Vodafone, Sennheiser and Converse. As a strategic digital all-rounder, Chris has built on his SEO roots with a skill set that includes analytics, conversion optimisation, UX, CX and social media. He also designs the occasional website and dabbles in design and photography.

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