Growth hacking. Mostly remote, based in Berlin.

Hey there! My name’s Chris, and I help companies of all sizes and budgets to create rapid business growth. I’m from Sydney and based in Berlin, working with companies from all around the globe.

For the last decade, I’ve taken a multi-disciplinary approach to help companies identify high impact areas of opportunity, simplifying and solving complex problems to generate big results. 


A High-End Education Provider


growth in revenue within six months of a new strategy

Strategy • Web Design • SEO • Paid Media

Launched and optimised affiliate marketing program for a major Australian bank

A Leading Car Rental Company


increase in organic search traffic within two weeks

Strategy • SEO • website Acquisition

Successfully managed website migration and rebrand for a $16bn wealth advisory

Global Digital Marketing Agency


worth of staff hours saved every month through automation

Analytics • Automation • API Integration

Over $8.5m in client budgets managed in 15 verticals to date

Personal Projects


Strategy & CoACHING

Consulting • Digital Health Check • Operations Audit • Workshops

Consultants often think their job is as simple as ‘analysis, insight, recommendation, review, implementation’ with some fancy spreadsheets. This cookie-cutter approach rarely works, and as a result, business owners often think it’s all expensive bullsh*t. 

My role is to not only understand your challenges, but to identify exactly why it’s not working. Then, we’ll work to build, leverage and optimise your strengths to create positive change.

Storytelling & Content

Brand Positioning • Content • Copywriting • Writer Sourcing

In the 21st century, building a brand that customers identify with is an absolute must for success. But the words ‘storytelling’ and ‘content’ is often dumbed down to a long series of generic blog posts that don’t say anything. If anything, it’s hurting you. 

Brands need to understand two things: what they stand for, and how they’re perceived. Only then can we work on communicating your ideas in a way that gets your customers coming back.

UX & Web Design

Mobile-First • Conversion Optimisation • Site Speed • Interactive Design

Asking your customers to browse through a website that’s slow, confusing and poorly made is like sending them into a shop with a hole in the floor, broken shelves and exposed electrical wires. 

As a former SEO/UX strategist, I build clean, custom websites that are optimised for speed and conversion, works perfectly on all screen sizes, and keeps the customer’s attention with micro-interactions. It’s also the perfect foundation for future SEO efforts.

Technical Marketing

SEO • Analytics • Automation • Digital Psychology • Growth Hacking

My bread and butter is consulting, but I also make a point of keeping my own technical skills sharp. Every single thing you see on this website and my previous work is done by me – none of the design, development or even the writing is outsourced.

When you work with me, you get a single person that does everything. No rotating roster of account managers, no siloed departments, no pushy salespeople. Just me: Chris.

Book A Free Consultation

I’m currently open to new projects and partnerships, so now’s a great time to shoot me a message. 

To help me understand your business, try to focus on your challenges and objectives. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, that’s also fine – we’ll figure it out together.

Once I receive your message, I’ll be in touch with next steps within 24 hours. 

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